Robotou is a blockchain-enabled service robot ecosystem that is poised to alter the way trade and industry works, forever. It will also impact the human workforce like never before.

Richard Zeng, Chief Executive Officer, Robotu

Based on blockchain technology, Robotou aims to construct a scalable ecosystem combined with involved personal experience and extensive social impact, says Richard Zeng, Chief Executive Officer, Robotu.

“Our vision is to create a new robot economy, integrating intelligent services into our daily lives for improved living. Our mission is to democratize robotics and make it accessible to the public. We aim to fill the shortage of human labor wherever needed, through intelligent automation.”

Painting an exacting picture of the state of the industry, Zeng notes:

  • Accessibility –It is a capital- intensive, expertise-driven industry, almost impossible for individuals to access. You are looking at a closely guarded knowledge base, experience, and IP among developers and manufacturers with high reluctance to share, creating high entry barrier.
  • Single and rigid revenue stream – Revenue of the service robot industry mostly comes from sales or rental of robots. Only limited parties can participate in the industry.
  • Heavy customization – Non-commoditized nature of service robots requiring high need for customization
  • Collaboration – Enable engagement between individuals, developers, customers, and robot suppliers in an open ecosystem. Lower barriers to entry by incentivizing collaboration among all participants to innovate and collaborate.
  • Flexibility – Expand the revenue stream for service robots industry by adding corporate services, IP/licensing, market intelligence et al. into the ecosystem. Revenue can be generated through multiple channels and become much more flexible.
  • Simplified Process – Provide the platform and tools to simplify robot automation, customization & deployment lifecycle, fostering growth in human-robot co-existence.

Zeng notes that the industry is still in infantcy but not for long.

“The tremendous savings in man power to do mundane, routine work will soon see an explosion in demand expecially as new technology comes to the fore. The interesting symbiosis of human-robot coexistance will alter our planet forever. These are exciting times. Wait and watch.”

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