Ground-breaking body healing technology is now within reach thanks to CHRIS LEE, Director of MICRODERM TECHNOLOGIES LTD.  

“We are a wound and skin-care company that focusses on innovation, effectiveness and well-being of humans as well as our planet,” says Chris Lee, Director of Microderm Technologies Ltd, a company that’s making news in Hong Kong, in health circles.

“I have successfully acquired the exclusive right to use the Microcyn Technology through out Asia since 2011. We are now distributing the technology under my own brand called Dermodacyn in over 10 countries including HK, China, Australia, Japan, Philippine, South Korea and expanding. As I have been in the manufacturing and brand managing business for over 20 years, it is upmost important to establish relationship.”

Natural Healing

Dermodacyn is a line of wound care, skin care and disinfectants that repair human cells using not just natural ingredients. In fact all the ingredients can be found from our body so it will provide the most natural healing process and enable us to defend ourselves from the harmful environment that we living in today.”

Why is this so important? “Because,” says Lee, “our industry now is at cross roads because of new technology, innovation and new medical breakthrough which in a way is very good for all of us to get better and lowest cost treatment.

Unfortunately the governing bodies are overwhelmed by new products and claims coming out all the time and often you hear news of products been recalled after people report being hurt or in some cases die. Therefore it is important for my company to ensure all our product lines are effective and we have gone through over 30 clinical trials, 17 FDA and 20 CE making sure all our products are safe.”

Mr Chris Lee, Director of Microderm Technologies Limited speaks on “Revolutionizing Skin Healing & Infection Control” by Microderm Technologies Limited at Mediazone’s Smart City Forum on June 1, 2018.

“We have been focusing on wound treatment and because of our knowledge, we are now launching the first of it kind — Tissue Regeneration, under our new cosmetic line.” – Chris Lee

Strong Foundation           

“Today we are in a consumer driven market and we need to be alert. My team focuses on innovations to offer what the market needs and tries to stay ahead of what the trends are. Sadly, diseases never stop evolving so we will always have a big task in front of us making safer and more effective products for our customers. Our clear competitive edge is our strong foundation we built on by testing new products and studying disease trends. So when we find a new solution/ treatment it is easier for us to launch new product line to the market before our competitors do.”

Chris Lee (R) received the trophy of excellence at Medizone’s Most Valuable Services Awards 2018.

A New “First”: Coming Soon!

“We have been focusing on wound treatment and because of our knowledge, we are now launching the first of it kind —  Tissue Regeneration, under our new cosmetic line. This is a very exciting time for us because we all know women and men wants to look good at all ages. With our patented technology, we are able to create a truly unique product that’s effective and easy to use on a daily basis.” 

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