If there is one company poised to be the ‘go-to’ firm for all things Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, then TEKSBOTICS (ASIA) LTD will top the list. Innovation, cutting edge technology and customer-centric experience are the building blocks of this dynamic company.

Berry Leung, Founder and Director of Teksbotics (Asia) Ltd.

Teksbotics (Asia ) Ltd. is a dynamic technology company incorporated in Hong Kong with special focus on robotics and artificial intelligence. Teksbotics’s vision is to become a leading robotics company in the Greater China Region.

In a short period of time, it has successfully designed, built and commercialized its proprietary mobile robots “UNODOPO” embedded with artificial intelligence. In addition, the firm assists a number of other third party robotics companies to commercialize their products in the Greater China area with different application scenarios.

Building on the Future!

“After countless effort in the last few years, we have developed a highly valuable customer portfolio which includes Hong Kong International Airport, Tung Wah Hospital Group, Standard Chartered Bank, PWC, Melco Casino, Macau Water, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Master Card, Intel, Deloitte,PICO, Nasper, Tsing Hua University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University, The Education University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Jiatong University, Shanghai University of Eng. Science, Macau University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nanhua University,” says Berry Leung, Founder and Director.

“We are committed to create values for our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and act as an important gateway between robotics/AI companies and China B2B/B2C market.

“We aim to make better life for human beings and assist human to collaborate and co-exist with robots,” he adds.

“We aim to make better life for human beings and assist human to collaborate and co-exist with robots,” – Berry Leung

Unique as You!

“Teksbotics is a very unique robotics and artificial intelligence company. We are not producing one single type of robot. In addition to our own proprietary robots, we also line up with other partners in order to provide total solutions to our customers,” Leung says.

“The strength of our Company is summarized as follows:

  • Experienced management team with global vision 
  • Customer centric approach
  • In-depth knowledge in robotics and artificial intelligence technologies
  • Promotion of partnerships
  • Using technologies to help businesses and results oriented
  • Excellent knowledge of global robotics and AI market
  • Total solution provider
  • Committed to develop high technologies in Great Bay Area.”

“We see the huge, expanding scope of AI and Robotics and the opportunities they hold for making life and work easier, more cost-effective and safer. The applications of these technologies are diverse and widespread, so the opportunities or you can say that the market is still in its infancy in Asia. The trick is to build and grow with integrity, character, reliability and care. This is the point at which a reputation has to be built. Our work will remain innovative, qualitative and pragmatic because we are committed to the industry, to a better market, a better Hong Kong.”     

For additional information, please visit www.teksbotics.com

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