An innovative professionals-enhancing concept is fast taking root in discerning Hong Kong. JUSTWORK is rapidly emerging as the power to turn dreams into reality.

Kayley Lo, Director.

Collectively with 15+ years industry experience in Corporate training and Event management, JUSTWORK may be the new kid on the block but it started strong.

A significant increase in 1Q18, with retained client for consultation, event delivery, and referrals from existing clients, make a case for celebration, says director Kayley Lo.

“With our professional consultants selflessly share their knowledge and experience to achieve our clients’ goals/objectives, delivered team-building activities from 15 participants to upwards of 148 participants to date,” she says of JUSTWORK.

The concept also expanded regionally to Macau at 4Q2017 and secured partnership with American Express, Artisenses for programme: Perfumer Challenge, City Brewery for programme: Beer Brewlab, and B1G1 for charitable giving with a global impact.

“Our vision of revolution was able to lead to a transformation of our partners’ businesses. We helped open their thoughts by integrating our innovation into their seemingly singular service, creating brand new team-building programmes to engage with participants of all levels, bringing the specific knowledge of their niche industry to blend with the achievement of team building objectives.”

Tailor-made Solutions

“Our team building programmes and workshops are designed and created by people, for people,” Lo says.

“Our strategic approach is to moderate engaging and unique experiences for both participants and the function. With our disruptive new approach towards team building which consolidates team gatherings, corporate meetings, trainings into one event and incorporating key learning objectives into one, the results have been widely applauded. You could visit our case studies on our blog to find out how we helped client to achieve specific learning objectives through a customised team building event.”

“Our team building programmes and workshops are designed and created by people, for people,” – KayLey

Meeting Clients’ Objectives

“Our service engagement strategy has helped us to achieve one of our corporate objectives which is to educate clients of the true value of investing in their people, which ultimately are the very foundation of their future success,” Lo explains. Winning the trust from clients like BNP Paribas, DBS, Shiseido Group, The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Manulife, and many other well-known organizations so shortly after inception proves we are on the right track.”

JUSTWORK has full ownership of all our programmes so clients can enjoy high flexibility in customizing the flow without any licensing issues to worry about. “We are also able to align client objectives before the event through TNA, to maximize ROI for the event. To provide a service that our clients had never experienced and how powerful it can be to obtain ‘true HR data’ to create a progression towards targetted success in the organization.”

Team Power!

Lo says: “In a complete team building step within a process, we provide our clients with our post-event-report, an innovation that was never developed before us. This report is completed by facilitator responsible for delivery, and comprises detailed observations of participants by team and individual, overview, suggestions on the next progression steps, and most importantly, an instant chat box for client to communicate with facilitator directly for follow-up consultation, clarifications, and discussions on specific findings from the event.”   

Reaching Goals

“Our team is very keen on 2019, with a pipeline of brand new team building programmes to be launched. This will not steer our focus on why we started JUSTWORK – ‘Better People | Better Future’. Our team will continue to achieve this, alongside our clients as their HR partner, to create long-lasting memories and to ultimately help our clients’ company and its people to grow together as one team!”

“We will continue to design and create new programmes. For instance, we have already created and launched two brand new programmes in 2Q18: Mini Olympics and High Flyers, to fit for seasonal aspect of consideration for our clients.

Our team will also be focusing on technology with technology adapted team building programmes (for example, Virtual Reality), and also on enhancement of technology as a tool for Human Resource-related functions by collecting and storing valuable data for analysis and T&D planning.

We see the potential for valuable data to be collected, analysed, and put into context for future development of participants.

JUSTWORK was established with the first “Post Event Report” platform for our clients to access and study data collected from events and make data-driven decisions on the next steps of growing, investing in their people.”

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