Having been active in the market for more than 10 years and with base in Hong Kong, Anavision has accumulated a powerful set of expertise and know-how in developing computer vision-based solutions by leveraging the competencies in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics. Anavision is dedicated to addressing environmental and city issues and provide integrated “Smart City Management” solutions that generate actionable insights to make the city, community, and environment more comfortable, sustainable, and secure.

By making use of innovative ideas and new technologies, Anavision’s solutions can greatly help people reduce the workload of performing risky and repetitive tasks, as well as protecting the environment and solving social problems. Workflows and management processes can be digitally transformed to reduce the overall operating expenses, thereby bringing visible improvement to operating efficiency.

One of the major applications is to address the needs of building construction industry. Anavision comes up with different smart construction solutions, such as tower crane camera solution using the latest visual and analytics technologies, that realizes automated surveying and monitoring for building and construction sectors.

Tower crane camera solution – A high-resolution camera mounted on the jib of a tower crane to capture images. High-resolution floor plan (DOM) can be generated through AI image analysis and 3D reconstruction.

CAD drawing can be overlaid on the DOM, errors above the tolerance will be detected before building the next new floor, allowing on-site corrections in advance to avoid high rework costs.

Anavision provides governments, organizations , and private companies with AI-powered smart solutions covering planning, operations, and analytics with proven values.

Find out more about Anavision and their solutions at www.anavision.com.