Breathing life into towering structures is the forte of pioneering company G-SMATT and the vision of its leader – MATTHEW NG. A trend is born. 

Matthew Ng, CEO of G-Smatt Hong Kong.

G-SMATT was born in 2005, with the mission – to introduce a revolutionary technology that transforms architectural buildings into powerful storytelling media, says its CEO Matthew Ng.

“We placed resources to develop a new type of construction material that can open up possibilities to create, amaze, and inspire, using building storytelling, which can unlock untapped real estate value,” Ng says outlining his thinking behind this evolutionary concept.

“In 2013, we launched our exclusive product, G-Glass, to the market. G-Glass is a revolutionary product that can break through the problems and limitations of existing media façades. It has architectural standard durability with more than 99% transparency, low cost maintenance and easy content delivery. It is the world’s only 4th generation media façade product that bestows building scale story telling capability to architecture, and at the same time promotes real estate value.”

Making Dreams Come True

“In 2015, we expanded our distribution network to Hong Kong & Macau, bringing this new era building material to the international stage. We worked together with property developers, architects and designers in the region to change the cityscape and successfully completed numerous projects.

“For instance, in 2017, we successfully transformed a traditional commercial building in the prime shopping area in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong into a dynamic building with a signature 27-storey giant media façade. It brings additional value to the building, in terms of attractiveness of the eye-catching exterior, as well as in monetary terms by generating potential advertising income.”

Create! Amaze! Inspire!

Ng says: “We are the first mover of promoting the 4th generation patented media façade product to the market, we also provide one-stop end-to-end solution to our clients, allowing them to enjoy a hassle-free experience when partnering with us.

“We are committed to delivering the whole solution from consulting, technical support, installation, maintenance and all the way to content service. G-SMATT is composed of a professional team of consultants, engineers, designers and content creatives around the world fully dedicated to partnering with our clients for every step of the way to help them create, amaze and inspire with architectural storytelling. Other companies may deliver from start to finish but we deliver from start to lifetime!”

Amazing Value, High Value!

“Comparing to the conventional media façade, our newly innovated G-Glass allows buildings to showcase high-quality media at night, while at the same time maintaining the original building design and transparency of the external glass walls in the day-time. Maintenance of the G-Glass is much easier and less costly than the conventional media façade. These features allow us to add value to our client’s buildings in all aspects, helping us to stand out from our competitors of supplying conventional media façade.”

From Solution to Institution

“We, G-SMATT Hong Kong, will continue to strive to deliver high quality products and customer satisfaction through continued dedicated R&D and upgraded service effort. We promise to develop G-SMATT into a world-class institution providing differentiated value and out-of-the-box building material solution to the global architectural industry.

“Nevertheless, we would continue to expand and promote different applications of G-Glass including interior partition, floor, handrail, ceiling and beyond. We believe that these usages of G-Glass are monumental to deliver powerful stories to the community. These stories can be about anything starting from advertising, branding, information, history, art and people. It’s limitless.”

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