Blockchain Solutions is a specialist in incubating solutions and applications that resolve existing complications for a wide variety of industries such as banking, logistics, retailing, etc. The brand remains one of Hong Kong’s few specialists in harnessing the power of blockchain technology to rejuvenate modern contemporary business solutions.

Over the years the company has been awarded 3 Hong Kong government blockchain projects including recording IP right platform, medicine tracing. They also provide consulting services to clients and cooperates with giants in various industries, including Alibaba, IBM, R3 Corda, etc.

One of Blockchain Solutions’ recent projects is CerTraze, a blockchain-based product certification platform. Utilizing blockchain’s immutable, secure, and traceable nature, CerTraze addresses enterprises’/customers’ pain points of not having a valid way to verify and trace products. CerTraze could incorporate different IoT to suit our client’s distinctive needs and business objectives. CerTraze could certify products’ origin, ownership, and essential data with time and venue dimensions, increasing data traceability, credibility, and accuracy. Therefore, the team foresees CerTraze could help their clients in reducing costs, boosting revenue, and smoothening compliance.

Another project Blockchain Solutions is passionate about is CryptoGo, the first self-developed one-stop bespoke cryptocurrency kiosk in Asia. It is a bank-grade and advanced bi-directional cryptocurrency kiosk. CryptoGo is a white-label kiosk with a fully customizable front-end and backend setup. CryptoGo’s interface is clean and user-friendly. CryptoGo’s back-end dashboard provides visualized data on-site and automatic reports exportation for our clients’ analysis purposes. There are currently over 30 CryptoGo deployed across regions.

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