International architecture firm Jumbo Globe Limited has grown from strength to strength in becoming an award-winning design studio in Hong Kong and Beijing today. The company has completed 210 projects in 18 major cities across the globe, and won 3 enterprise & 15 design awards all within the last three years.

Mandi Tong, Design Director of Jumbo Globe

“We work closely with clients to tailor-make innovative solutions for various types of projects such as mixed-use developments, commercial complexes, shopping malls, office towers, luxury residences and hotels. Our services include master planning, architecture, interior and landscape design,” says Mandi Tong, Design Director of Jumbo Globe.

“Our creative and dynamic architects and designers fully consider the balance between aesthetics and function, bringing innovative design to the society, which ultimately contributes to Jumbo Globe’s success in this competitive market,” she continues.

Beijing Net Zero

“Our creative and dynamic architects and designers fully consider the balance between aesthetics and function, bringing innovative design to the society, which ultimately contributes to Jumbo Globe’s success in this competitive market,” – Mandi Tong

Fabric of the Future

What Customers Want

According to Mandi, since 2020 their clients have started paying more attention to sustainability, so Jumbo Globe incorporates sustainability strategies with innovative designs that create an eco-friendly environment for the community.

“We recently worked with a national energy company for an architecture renovation project in Beijing. This project gave us a memorable experience as it echoed Beijing’s 2050 Net Zero target, says Mandi”

“This project was aimed at reducing approximately 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases within 25 years after completion, so we implemented sustainable features that include a rainwater harvesting system, rooftop PV panels and PV glasses. The idea of sponge city was also incorporated into the landscape design to improve air quality and help reduce urban runoff,” she explained.

“Another interesting project we completed involved a shopping mall renovation in Guangzhou because the overall design inspiration came from the fabrics industry. During the research phase of the project, we discovered that Haizhu District is the largest fabric market in the country and a centre for textile production, so we created a design that was geared towards promoting the identity of both the fabric community and their cultural values, which we called “Fabric of the Future”,” she continues.


Designing the Metaverse

Jumbo Globe also worked on two metaverse design projects, with one of them awarded as the best Metaverse city by the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the other which was organized by the most prestigious universities and organizations in China was awarded for most outstanding creative in Metaverse culture.

“When it comes to Metaverse projects, our professional experience and spatial innovation contribute to our great success in several metaverse competitions. Jumbo Globe took home 2 metaverse design awards this year. One is a metaverse city design competition organized by RIBA Shanghai Chapter. The competition explores the city morphology of Hong Kong, so our architects proposed a new way of experiencing and understanding the culture on different time axes through an immersive experience in the metaverse, with a specific focus on theories of time, space, and conscious memory of human being,” says Mandi.

“The other project we had is a metaverse design competition organized by the most prestigious universities and cultural organization in China. We worked with a Beijing developer to design an innovative metaverse solution called H-CUBE for their shopping mall.”

“The content of the cube can be customized by merchants and customers, depending on their preferences. H-CUBE also has multiple shopping guides and prompts for the customers, which created a unique shopping experience. This greatly increases the value of the mall’s retail development,” Mandi says.


The Path Ahead

Mandi says that the path ahead is exciting for Jumbo globe as the architecture industry is back on track along with the development of web3 technology. “Three of our major commercial complex projects in Chengdu, China will be revealed, which marks a new chapter for us expanding business in Southwest China. Meanwhile, three of our conceptual projects will be exhibited in Guangzhou Design Week early next year, and our expansion in other parts of China and Asia are ongoing as well which we can’t wait to share with the public,” explains Mandi.

“Given our great success in metaverse design projects, we will keep exploring the possibilities of metaverse with our clients and business partners. Our vision is to bring more innovative solutions, echoing the Green initiative and hopefully meeting the Net Zero target by 2050,” she concludes.

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The Mediazone Group congratulates Jumbo Globe on winning the Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2022 Award. We wish the company more success in its future endeavour.