Carving a niche for his own brand of service to Hong Kong’s health-beauty market ANGUS HUI CHI CHING is taking the aesthetics sector to new heights.

“A decade back, there were few aesthetic medicine companies in Hong Kong but the demand for it was growing

rapidly. With increasing purchasing power and better knowledge of the possibilities (thanks to the Internet) people want to look and feel their best,” says local entrepreneur Hui Chi Ching, Angus.

“We combined Chinese and Western medical science to offer a range of services to this growing market of upmarket executives and the general public. We have a qualified acupuncture point specialist and have developed our own skin care brand. Our professional team designs personal beauty or slimming programmes for customers. We’ve developed 2 sub brands 1. Wayoung — focus on mother’s beauty market and 2. Concentric — a platform for doctors sharing information/ technique/ resource/ equipment.”

“We are serious about building market share and cash in on this growing potential and hence we will remain quality specific and customer focused.” – Angus Hui Chi Ching

Pay As You Use

“The problem with the industry is that there are no barriers to entry and as a result many companies have entered the market to offer substandard products and services which are hurting the prospects of the genuine brands. Customer faith has been shaken so we have put into place new strategies,” explains Hui.

Angus’ Beauty Concept offers Pay-Per-Use payment methods so customers can enjoy the flexibility.

“Our professional consultants never force customers to consume nor do they exaggerate the treatment’s effects. Our whole focus is on understanding the customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations.”

“We have already set up 2 sub brands to focus on specific markets — Angus’ Beauty Concept — Dr treatments and Wayoung — “Mother” market (stretch marks removal/ Slimming)/traditional beauty treatments (facial),” he says.

“The market is there but what’s missing is the sincere, customer-centric approach which is what we hope to bring to the market.”

China Potential

“We would like to explore China market since actually lots of our clients are from China. We have set up social media platforms to cash in on this new and growing market.”

“We keep communicating with customers’ from China through SMS/EDM and have set up new payment gate- way i.e Wechat pay. In the near future, we will have our E-shop which will bring ease-of-use to the China market.”

“The mainland China market may be huge but they are product and service savvy. They are spoilt for choice and it is up to us to ensure we impress them with our quality of service, expertise of application, trustworthy advice because if we don’t our competitors will. We are serious about building market share and cash in on this growing potential and hence we will remain quality specific and customer focused.”

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