Hair stylist to the stars, VIC KWAN, Founder of WeCut Ltd ushers in a new twist to the fashion and hair-care/style market.

WeCut founder Vic Kwan is Hong Kong’s famous star hair stylist. His clients include Faye Wong, Carina Lau, Miriam Yeung, Julian Cheung, Josie Ho, Pansy Ho Chiu-king, Maisy Ho Chiu Ha and so on.

His daily work can be seen at Hong Kong’s famous star salon IL Colpo Group, which has been in Hong Kong for more than 30 years and boasts the most senior stylists. Consequently, over 100 hair stylists with excellent skill became the brand’s professional team while creating WeCut Apps.

Makeup artists from star-rated teams at the same time. WeCut already has hundreds of star-studded hair stylists and makeup artists’ strong support in the early days while compared with other similar mobile applications in Hong Kong.

Vic Kwan, Founder of WeCut.

Pioneering Effort

“We are the first company to set up a stylist apps business in Hong Kong. In fact, Hong Kong people are more conservative than the Chinese in the application of Internet, especially on-site service. We have to give them confidence, such as guarantee our professionals must not have a criminal record, must have been engaged in hair work for more than two years and must passed our strict quality standards,” says Vic Kwan.

“When the professionals arrive at the home of the customer, they need to scan a QR code to confirm the identity and order so our customers feel more comfortable. We act as a two-way platform for both professionals and customers. Therefore, we have also developed a number of regulations to protect our professionals, such as all payments will be given to the professionals as a compensation for time reserved while the order has been canceled within 24 hours. Hope that both sides get more professional and secure service,” says Kwan.

“Cooperate with the best professionals of each industry and offer value-added service. Knowledge is power!” – Vic Kwan


“WeCut Apps offer not only on-site hairdressing and nail services, we have also developed an online store for selling hairstyles and beauty products. Our store is different from other online shops.

“All products are carefully selected by experienced professionals. Each product is tried by WeCut professional team in person so as to fully understand the ingredients and brand history before selling them at the store. We have also invited Hong Kong’s well-known hair stylists, makeup artists and KOL to demonstrate the use of products and effects by video. Our team curates the best products to bring the latest tools and trends to our customer. We also have an expert team to answer customer enquiries online every day in order to provide the most professional customer service. We offer free shipping and two-day delivery. We will soon develop WeCut Salon to target the middle class potential customer to bring them an experienced innovative physical store.”

China Plans

“Due to cultural and linguistic differences between China and Hong Kong, we will begin to develop from South China, starting along the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, and slowly move to the north of every city in China. We do not want to develop too fast. I have been in this industry for more than 20 years and know that customers like us because of our technology and quality service in China. We need to train more professionals to make our brand more mature and outstanding.”

“WeCut Apps automatically matches guests/customers and professionals. Guests can book our professionals and settle the payments online. They can also see the ratings and comments of the professionals, choose their favorites and make an appointment service, a bit like Uber. Professionals also have their own WeCut Apps. By using the Apps, they can see their appointment, income, etc., and also be free to open their favorite working hours without constraints. Our idea is that on-site service can reduce the rent, decoration and labor costs of salon. Thus, our professionals can get more income while guests can enjoy professional services at home to achieve the purpose of sharing costs.”

“Our secrets are simple – keep learning, reading, innovating and changing. Cooperate with the best professionals of each industry and offer value-added service. Knowledge is power!”

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