Digital whiz DENNIS SHI’s MOJODOMO is turbo-boosting business for smart, competitive companies who not only want to reward & retain customers but also want to know what they do, when, where and how!

In the battle for market share, smart companies are looking to MOJODOMO to play a pivotal role in gaining customers and boosting sales and brand loyalty as well.

Established in 2016 and Headquartered in Hong Kong. “MOJODOMO is an innovative FinTech and MarTech company that combines financial services with a proprietary and scalable END-to-END tech platform to link up and drive new value for all participants in the global loyalty, voucher and couponing space,” according to its founder and CEO Dennis Shi.

“MOJODOMO’s global platform has completed tech development, engaged in strategic partnerships, acquired regional customers, and launched into full production with revenue generation.”

“We enable marketers to spend their consumer engagement budget upon redemption/performance basis; which greatly reduce wastage from over 50% to Zero, maximise the number of consumers to be engaged, provide behavioural and transactional data analysis,” says Shi.

“We provide our clients (Marketers) with customer intelligence, enabling them to know who does what, when and where.”

– Dennis Shi

Digtal Convenience  

“MOJODOMO charge clients (Marketers) upon successfully voucher redemption, solving the cost inefficiency and zero transparency of prepaid voucher (printed or digital); eliminating printing, distribution, auditing, disposal and reconciliation costs as well.”

“We maximise the engagement budget to reach and benefit the number of VIP as possible,” Shi explains.

MOJODOMO automates B2B settlement upon voucher redemption, and improved the operating efficiency.

“We provide our clients (Marketers) with customer intelligence, enabling them to know who does what, when and where.”

“Our clients are having operations globally, we are extending our services from Hong Kong to Greater China, especially Bay Area.

Apart from current Hong Kong and Taiwan offices, we are setting up our Singapore and Qianhai office this Q3. And we are also extending our services to other Asia Pacific countries together with our key clients and strategic partners,” Shi says.

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