A new era has dawned for a rapidly growing and discerning beauty market. Formulation and ingredients that engage are riding on big trends like ‘naturals and organics, cosmeceuticals and professional, as well as personalization,’ says visionary entrepreneur ANDY WONG.

Andy Wong, Managing Director.

AKWG is pioneering the evolution of a long-staid industry. The beauty market until recently was the sole preserve of multinational superbrands that every woman at least knew if not loved. That’s changing. Thanks to a new breed of boutique brands, crafting cosmetics that socially-aware customers love and want. Local entrepreneur Andy Wong is opening the gates and paving the paths for these evolving brands to reach the customers who crave them.

“We have introduced more than 10 credential brands to HK in these few years, e.g. 111SKIN, Absolute New York, Acwell, For Beloved One, Haruharu, Jayjun, KELEMENTS, LASSIE’EL, MEDIHEAL, Rubelli, Seoul Soul, theBalm etc.

We greatly appreciate indie beauty brand owners who have a deep passion for what they do,” says Wong who founded AKWG.

“They have their own philosophy and story. These brands can cater to niches and address specific customer needs. As a result of the trend toward individualization, demands from consumers are becoming ever more diverse.

“We know our customers have a wide range of beauty needs and preferences. They want to be unique and individuals. By introducing different brands from different countries with different functions we are better placed to respond to the diverse needs of customers.”

Why the Need for Indie?

Busier and stressful lifestyles of consumers, as well as worsening environmental conditions, created more concern around skin conditions amid consumers who seek products for skin rejuvenation. Nevertheless, consumers are increasingly looking for methods and products to maintain and improve their appearance to look youthful and beautiful, more so with the rising awareness about anti-ageing products,” explains Wong.

“Customers are into beauty and makeup. And they not only want to have premium skin care products, but also the best cosmetic assortment for all skin types or tones. All these nurtured the beauty industry across the region.

“Indie brands are presenting product with stories about the formulation and ingredients that engage consumers, as well as hitting on big trends such as naturals and organics, cosmeceuticals and professional, as well as personalization. Indie brands come to be a new force of the beauty market.”

Personal Approach

Wong says: “For AKWG itself, on top of ‘World Market, Local Knowledge’, we add on ‘Savvy Experts’. We introduced the indie brands that have taken a very personal approach to our targeted consumers. The better you know your consumer, the easier it will be for us to offer them true value.”

The product range and offerings AKWG distributes are very unique in the market. Absolute New York, was founded in New York, features in feminine, flirty, and fun styles, bringing the consumer professional quality beauty products that revolutionize the existing offerings in the market. For Beloved One, Asia’s No.1 Cosmeceutical Skincare Brand, produces the industry’s first bio-cellulose facial mask. Nobody could have imagined that a “Made in Taiwan” skincare brand would become renowned worldwide. Korean brands include: Haruharu, a skincare brand derived from natural ingredients, all of products from everyday solution is made with patented fermentation technology developed by OK Bio Lab. In addition to scientific technology, Kelements builds on biotechnology and the best ingredients to provide the most optimal skin care solution. LASSIE’EL is to pursue more than a sincere skincare that is safe and effective way to keep the smile on your face. MEDIHEAL promotes the idea of a home-use concept, where you can have beautiful skin without the need of surgery treatment. More brands are up-and-coming, such as Ariul, a natural inspired brand to provide the skin relief from the stresses of modern life by harnessing the power of natural ingredients, Like I’m Five, delivers the gentlest formulas, the newest pure and gentle skincare for kids and adults. Here are just some examples.

“By introducing different brands from different countries with different functions we are better placed to respond to the diverse needs of customers.” – Andy Wong, Managing Director

The Future is Now!

AKWG also focuses on brand management of each indie brands and how its brands are perceived in the market. The company markets and promotes highest quality imports across the region through different channels. Wong shows, “Omni channel marketing integrated with online and offline: website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, search engine marketing (SEM) and google display network, wall units in drug /beauty chain stores, make-up videos by celebrity makeup artist, make up tutorial class and outdoor promotion – truck-based events are among the many marketing channels we use to get these exciting, invigorating brands to the consumers. We have successfully developed an in-depth understanding on building exclusive products into significant brands with longstanding recognition.

“We trust indie brands are going to help shape the future of the beauty market. We will continue to work very hard on brand management, introduce more new indie brands and provide top-quality products to consumers, and strive for building and developing the strong presence of indie beauty brands in the Asia Pacific.”  

For additional information, please visit www.akwg.com

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