A new Clinical Management System offers smart solutions enabling practitioners to offer the best medical care to one of Asia’s most discerning cities. Dr. RONALD LEUNG explains the virtues of this ground-breaking technology.

The vision of Neo-Health Informatics is to develop the best IT solutions to enable health professionals to provide high quality care to their patients, says its dynamic general manager Dr. Ronald Leung.   

Neo-Connect – is a Clinical Management System (CMS) allowing both health professionals and s to assess vial health information anytime, anywhere. 

Neo-Connect is also developed to minimized potential error by creating a standardized workflow with control points and performance measures.

New Frontiers, Hi-Tech Solutions

For the medical industry in Hong Kong, resources are invested in diagnostic technology instead of clinical operations,” Dr. Leung says.

“The importance of an effective clinical management system is often being overlooked. The existing systems mostly provide basic and elementary functions that cannot meet with all the operational needs for medical practitioners. Treating quality prior to the cost, limited choices in the market bind medical practitioners to adopt the same system without upgrade for years even though they have a high consuming capability,” observes Dr. Leung.

He says: “By observing and evaluating the inconvenience brought by the existing systems in the market, we worked with and designed a total clinical management solution with medical practitioners that covers an array of functions ranging from enquiring for an appointment to patient mobile applications that can access their medical records anytime, anywhere. We offer a smart solution for our clients with modern features that enhance the effectiveness, productivity and control over their operations.”

“We offer a smart solution for our clients with modern features that enhance the effectiveness, productivity and control over their operations.” – Dr. Ronald Leung

Privacy & Flexibility

“We adopt a price skimming strategy that provides a more functional and convenient tool for medical practitioners to manage and control their clinic operations. Here are the features:


We adopt the same security system as the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong (i.e. Triple DES Standard) to safeguard patients’ privacy and confidentiality. Sensitive data and identifiers are all well encrypted and protected.


Our cloud-based system provides greater flexibility for medical practitioners to access and manage their practices anytime, anywhere.


Clinic performance, customer behaviour and data predictions can be summarized in one page with our dashboard system. Standard operation procedures also reduces human errors.

“With the above competitive edges, we differentiate from others with noticeable features. We plan to add in more functions, especially integration with wearable health devices, in the near feature. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied after with a larger data pool. Through big data deduction, we can obtain beneficial data on treatment methods, diagnostic discovery and more,” says Dr. Leung adding that the central focus is to raise the quality of health care in Hong Kong.

For additional information, please visit www.neohealth.com.hk

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