Meet the brand leading the way in relaxation services in Hong Kong today. On the company’s 15th anniversary milestone this year, we look at why FOOT REFLEXOLOGY & ACUPRESSURE LTD remains the top choice for relaxation particularly during the pandemic’s effect on the city where stress got taken to new heights.

MZ: Could you please explain the meaning of the FOOT brand along with your company’s history in Hong Kong?

FOOT: Our spa opened in 2005 and has since become a well established business among the massage and therapy industry. Our shop’s Chinese name is 富足臨 which translates to () wealth, () contentment & () arrival; wealth and satisfaction upon arrival. Our logo “” in beautiful calligraphy translates to FOOT in english, as a symbol of the quality and care that we serve when providing a “FOOT” massage.

MZ: What measures do you implement in your facilities to further enhance customers’ relaxation and well-being experience, particularly in terms of giving them peace of mind that they are safer when they are in your care, since we are currently in a pandemic situation?

FOOT: As FOOT opened right after the SARS epidemic, the experience alone has impacted our values & views to this day. We realized that besides the quality of services, personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, & social distancing are of utmost importance. In order to achieve all these, we introduced the use of higher quality foot baths, organic massage oils, disposable attires & bed sheets, while taking all possible measures for environmental sanitation. We focus not only on having a high standard of service, but a clean & tranquil environment within our generous space of 7,000 sq.ft. with a wider selection of private rooms between 2 to 10 people. 

COVID 19 is a serious threat to the whole world.  We do suffer from the governmental closing of industries and mandatory quarantines from different countries across the world, so this year, our business mainly depends on our local customers.

However, it is quite encouraging to find a rise in local customers, especially those who had initially chosen other shops due to pricing, location or other reasons, visiting our shop in these past few months. That means our customers approve of our services, views, values and practices and our commitment to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness in our shop at all times. That’s the trust that we build between our customers in our shop.

“It’s always our goal to provide a clean, tranquil & relaxing place for our massage lovers. We always aim to offer a high quality of service & environmental health to our customers.”

MZ: In terms of the specialization of your services, could you share the following:
i.) How long most of your therapists have been with your company today.
ii.) What measures you implement when hiring new talent in order to maintain the quality that you are so well known for?
iii.) What are some of the popular membership plans or special offers your customers sign up for?

FOOT: It’s always our goal to provide a clean, tranquil & relaxing place for our massage lovers. We always aim to offer a high quality of service & environmental health to our customers. Most of our therapists have been working with our company for more than 15 years. Newcomers, however are found mostly through referrals and are tested on their attitude and performance to ensure that they are all skillful and hospitable. Our Technical Director also regularly monitors our therapists activity to maintain quality and care. 

Our customers prefer to customize packages and courses under different discount prices and are eligible for memberships for more deals and exclusive promotions.

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