Home-grown education entrepreneur QUCILLA WONG adds a new dimension to the world of personalized formative education.

“Education is more than just knowledge, it’s the most important element to help each single human to develop as a unique person with different strengths and weaknesses. While everyone is unique, proper, positive, parenting and trust will lead every child toward a healthy and colorful life,” says Qucilla Wong, director and principal of UNIKID. 

More than Education

“We named the company UNIKID because it means “unique kid” and we see every child as uniquely possessing different attributes and personalities, waiting for us to explore their potential and nurture them in dynamic, inspiring, healthy and effective ways. Also, we are not only teaching academically but also emphasizes the importance of self-esteem, confidence, responsibility and manners with conduct development. Like our philosophy “We Love, We Care, Be proud of your Unique Kid”.

Striking a Balance

Wong says, education is like very competitive industry and parents are always pushy, adding too many academic or extra activities to and ignoring their kids’ more important needs.

“In this situation, our education system makes “monster parents” and we found that there are more and more children suffer from anxiety, depression or different kinds of mental problems. We talk with parents to advice them on how they could balance their children’s needs and improve their childrens’ strength.”

“We would like to set up a pre-school or kindergarten with our unique teaching philosophy, have the best teaching group and deliver quality education.” – Qucilla Wong.

Value Added

“Besides, we provide academic programs, we are more concern the abilities that children can reach. We teach at the right levels, suit their learning abilities and we never compare the kids with each other. Teachers teach children in an encouraging way and each kid moves forward at a comfortable own place.

Moreover, we care about the mental and psychological status of each child.” “We will keep on implementing new courses that would help in child development in academic or in mental health areas. Also, we would like to set up a pre-school or kindergarten with our unique teaching philosophy, have the best teaching group and deliver quality education.”

Running such an establishment is not easy. It is important to build up a trust-worthy relationship in between owner and staffs. My staff have full freedom to express their ideas in their working environment and what they would like to develop.”

Miss Qucilla Wong is the principal and director, an Education and Child Psychology specialist with more that 15 years worth of experience in children/ parents counseling also holder of doctoral educational degree EdD, Fellowship of CCIBA. She is also the former President of International Association of Infant Massage IAIM (HK) Chapter.

For additional information, please visit info@unikid.com.hk Facbook: UNIKID

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