With no downtime and immediate results, light therapy has been a popular option for beauty junkies. We put it into test, and the results of our 28-day light therapy with Talika Paris Youth Booster with the Eye Quintessence are in. We tried them for 28 days, to find if it can really reduce fine lines and wrinkles – as it promises.

Talika is founded in 1948 by ophthalmologist Danielle Roches, and the brand still stands as a strong beauty brand that keeps their innovativeness throughout all these years. Talika Paris’s Youth Energy Booster combines 2 wavelengths with scientifically recognized cosmetic properties. This small, discreet machine pulses a warm, orange/red light onto the skin. To use it, you place the head on the skin and glide over the eye contour areas.

I adopted the recommended eye care rountine, which I apply Youth Energy Booster with the Eye Quintessence on the areas eye contour for 2 minutes once a day.

After 28 days, I can say that TALIKA Paris Youth Energy Booster is definitely worth the hype. Although it is not guarantee that the wrinkles are gone in an instant, but realistically that is probably never going to happen, unless you opt to go for a Botox treatment. It is approved by my fellow editors that I look less tried and my wrinkles are way less obvious, which is a huge win.

Overall, I am pleased that it made quite a difference and with treatment lasting only 2 minutes per day, it is absolutely my go-to.