Catering to the new breed of speed-based, astute investors ADSS is ushering in cutting edge futuristic technology to serve their growing customer base.

Jacob Wissum, Asia Chief Administrative Officer.

Forex remains one of the world’s most important and dynamic markets with over US$5 trillion traded each day, says Jacob Wissum, Asia Chief Administrative Officer, ADSS. 

Quality, Professionalism

“Advances in technology, including the introduction of AI, algos and blockchain, are democratising forex with investors able to access many new products and services designed for their trading requirements,” says Wissum, adding that the levels of advice and training and the ability to trade whenever and wherever needed through mobile apps and web-based systems, is creating a new market for social investing based around free or very cost effective trading. 

“Regulation has tightened, to provide necessary protection for traders, and has put the emphasis on having professional, well-capitalised brokerages who can invest in and support their clients.”  

Unique As You Are!

Globally, we offer multi-platform technology (desktop standalone, webtrader, mobile) that is proprietary – it is always being developed to serve customers’ needs (adding products, dedicated support, etc). Furthermore, webtrader allows customers to log in to their account without the need to download an app,” says Wissum. 

“We offer sophisticated proprietary technology that gives traders unique options such as:

  • Easy to find instruments. Traders can conduct analysis before executing a trade in as little as three swipes of your phone
  • Traders can monitor the performance of each trade individually or at an aggregated account level
  • Adapt your risk appetite on the go by adding limit and stop orders
  • It provides an institutional standard of technology and software to ensure clients are equipped with the necessary support to help them navigate the financial markets
  • Demo accounts make trading simple for beginners and retail clients
  • OREX offers a variety of tools including: 
  • Live scrolling news
  • Customisable indicator charts
  • Trading from charts
  • Customised watch lists
  • Real-time spread monitor
  • Economic and earnings calendars
  • Market commentary videos
  • A detailed CFD instrument contract specification tab (Asia OREX)
  • All trading functionalities available on one screen
  • Customised trading preferences
  • Ability to close multiple positions (all winning/all losing/all buy/all sell) in one click

Range and Features?

Noting that investor’s are spoiled for choice, Wissum says that a proactive, customer-centric company must offer options that are varied and deep as the requirements of their customers. “We offer the following: 

  • Globally, our multi-asset OREX platform giving access to thousands of products including cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
  • Singles shares
  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Metals
  • Treasuries
  • Commodities 

Give the speed, transparency and unique trading advantage investors are looking for high speed execution around 120ms and a client service desk.

Our servers are based in London, New York and Tokyo giving fast global access to all main markets,” he concludes.

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