Asia’s new ‘richest’ demand more creativity from the staid banking establishment keen to woo them. This is a niche well filled by firms like PC FINANCIAL (SG) PTE LTD says its regional director STELLA LAU.

Stella Lau, Regional Director.

Global banking is changing to keep ahead of the evolving customer profile. Customers are not opting for 24/7, online, flexible, creative and value-added offerings from the banking industry and; this is only the beginning of this rapidly unfolding new era.

PC Financial (SG) Pte. Ltd. belongs to the new age of financial institutions able to embrace and understand the needs and concerns of the increasingly sophisticated, newly rich in Asia.

“Along with the explosion of wealth in Asia, the demand for more specialized and comprehensive services has grown as well. Through the network and resources from our group, we provide niche services and pride ourselves in being more than a private bank,” says Stella Lau, Regional Director.

Service For All Seasons

Traditional services and products may not be able to cope with the needs of today’s clients. Particularly, when clients open separate accounts in several countries, these accounts all operate separately. We aim to deliver a concept of “One Universe, One account” since our clients are tired of having to wait for months for a bank account to be opened, while being bombarded with queries, requests for supporting documents and red tape. Therefore, we provide the benefits of being able to have an account that would give access to the equivalent of multiple accounts across Asia and call it — the Heritage Account.”

Singapore Safety

PC Financial (SG) Pte. Ltd. is a licensed corporation under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (License No.: FA100062) to carry regulated activities in Singapore.

Lau says: “We are a financial consulting and registered fund manager with years of experience with serving an exclusive group of high-net-worth clients to provide them with premium wealth creation and management solutions. We fulfill our clients’ needs with expertise, outstanding service quality, innovation and flexibility through an extensive network in Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia. We are committed to serve our clients with integrity and unparalleled insights, enabling them to enhance their quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.”

“We provide one-stop solutions that are flexible, scalable, and can meet a broad range of client needs. The solution is tailored made for each client, and it will need to adapt over time, no matter where clients are in the financial life cycle. As clients’ needs evolve and their situations become more complex, their financial plans should grow with them.”

“We embraced Fintech solutions and integrated an App that enables cross-border interactions to facilitate our client’s multi-national needs,” – Stella Lau, Regional Director

FinTech Solutions

Lau notes that technology is changing the world and even the financial industry. “We understand that clients would like to receive the most excellent services and accurately grasp all of their account status, so we developed Fintech solutions at an early-stage. Now, we integrated an App that enables cross-border interactions, allowing clients to research products and services from countries outside of their home country. Apps have become the wave of the future, and they have revolutionized many sectors. The App will also be able to provide masters of advice in every possible category as compared to the current situation where any relationship manager may be limited to just one area in private banks. (Because in practice, it is difficult for one person to master everything and to know about everything investment-related).

“We target to expanding our business into Southeast Asia, based in Greater China. The huge increase in affluence is not just a trend taking shape in Singapore and China. It is sweeping across the whole of Asia. In order to attract more clients in Southeast Asia, we set up offices and hire locals to meet the cultural tastes of our clients there — which is a very effective way to reach clients and grow business,” Lau concludes.


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