Hong Kong, 14 December 2017 – 2018 will see fortunes turn away from multinationals and head toward SMEs and even startups as consumers demand more value for their loyalty, says founder of the Hong Kong-based Mediazone Group.

The Group has published the territory’s largest English-language business annual since 2000 and its outspoken founder and editor-in-chief Glenn Rogers is Asia’s most recognized commentator on market trends.

Rogers’ predicted the advance of crypto currencies as earlier as 1997, saying then that the man on the street is weary of being used and abused by the financial industry.

“Today, we are seeing a revolution that defies money-printing, inflation-sponsoring governments and manipulative banks. The common man has said ‘enough-is-enough’. Crypto currencies are creating a new platform of commerce altering forever the pattern of wealth distribution,” says Rogers.

“In equal measure, the Internet has changed the thinking of the workforce. Fresh blood is no longer content to be lured by false promises of job stability and growth prospects offered by multinationals.”

“Fresh graduates globally are leaning toward small-medium-enterprises and start-ups where their talent and contribution is met with fairness, transparency and respect. Across the board, consumers from America to India have grown exasperated with the falling standards of service and quality of products from large multinationals who have taken the consumer for granted for far too long. Today, the writing is on the screen – shape up or ship out. We will no longer have our loyalty rewarded by contempt,” Rogers told newsmen globally today.

About Glenn Rogers
Glenn Rogers is the founder of the Mediazone (Publishing) Group in Hong Kong. Since 1992, he has advised leading American & European multinationals on public policy and media relations. From the Mediazone HQ in Sydney, Australia, Rogers overseas the Groups operations in Hong Kong, Australia and the Americas.
About The Mediazone Group
The Mediazone Group is an independent Hong Kong Ltd company and publishes the territory’s largest English-language business annual titled Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies (since 2000) and 7 other online lifestyle publications which may be viewed on www.mediazone.com.hk
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